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Author Topic: Complete 60g Cube  (Read 554 times)

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Complete 60g Cube
« on: April 27, 2017, 11:36:52 AM »
I'm upgrading...  Old system is available.  Not interested in parting out at this time.

Marineland 60g cube – 24x24x24”  Reef ready, Corner-flo system.  Bought new from Aquarium Shoppe July 2015 No chips or scratches.  New price $549

Custom stand, 31” high, 39x39” square.  8” wide mosaic tiled shelf running all the way around the tank.  Built from solid poplar and ¾” cabinet grade poplar plywood.  Assembled with good woodworking techniques, mostly rabbit joints, glued and clamped.  Stand could double as a stool for an elephant, it’s strong.   The lumber I used was over $300.   

EShoppes 3rd gen RS-100 Sump, purchased new in August, 2016.  7” filter sock.  Drilled in end panel for external return pump.  Otherwise unaltered from new.  $229 new

Japanese Iwaki MD20RST return pump purchased used from Dave in July 2016.  Quiet, rated at 822gph.  Plenty of flow for this tank.  Mounted using rubber washers to avoid vibration, plumbed with true union ball valves on inlet and outlet side.  $219 new.

Hamilton ‘Bimini Sun’ metal halide lighting.  250w DE HQI fixture, Hamilton 14,000k bulb, Luxcore adjustable electronic ballast.  Purchased new in December 2016 from BRS.  $378.  Added tank clam mount arm from Halo LED, modified by adding an aluminum bar and standoff in order to mount this light from that mount.

Standard ‘Durso’ style overflow modified to ‘Herbie Style’ drain, with over the top return line, painted black.  This was done to silence the water flow.  Works very well, this is a very quiet running system. 

Misc:  All plumbing, which includes unions in every line for ease of maintenance.  ‘Flipper’ style aquarium cleaning magnet.  BRS Mini Reactor -w- MJ1200 pump, I use it for Activated Carbon.  BRS screen top, with black eggcrate strip surrounding the lighting mount and return line. Inexpensive, but functional heater.  8x lighted, independently switched power supply.  Under cabinet florescent light.  Several 7” filter socks, some new, some used, but in reasonably good condition. 

Tank is located in Buffalo, MO, and is up and running.  Perspective buyers are welcome to come look at it.  Once purchased, I will remove tank contents, and assist in breaking down and moving as required.  This system was assembled with top quality components, and is in excellent condition.

I'm keeping my skimmer, my ATO system, sand, rock, and livestock.  Everything else goes.

New prices sum well north of $1500.  SEAS member complete price: $550. 

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Re: Complete 60g Cube
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2017, 10:37:37 AM »
That second photo is impressive so clean and well organized
No I can't spell.  No I don't care how it is spelled.

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Re: Complete 60g Cube
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2017, 10:52:16 AM »

Still have Reef Octopus SRO1000SSS skimmer and 250w Halide available